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What Are the Quality Requirements of Injection Mould for Material?

There are many Injection Mould manufactured products in our life, such as mobile phone, keyboard, mouse and so on. In industry, there are many products need mould, this is related to the plastic mold processing skills, what is the quality requirements of Plastic Injection Molding for material?

1.good mold material is in order to make the mold products to achieve long service life.

2.Excellent production technology, the material itself is metal, if its hardness can not meet the requirements, it will not achieve good work and can not produce good products. For Plastic Injection Molded Products, in processing time, there must have a certain cutting process from materials to products.

Whether it is the electronics industry, automotive industry, or food, service industry, as long as the need for high-volume production of products, you will need injection mold.

Injection Mould


Sep, 2017
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